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The importance of maintaining a web and marketing presence


  1. Visibility: With more and more consumers logging onto the Web to research products and services, if they are going to find your business, your business needs to be on the Web.
  2. Reach: With a Web site, you are no longer limited to a customer base that is in physical proximity to your shop. Your place of business may be in Boston, but your customers can be in Bangkok.
  3. Customer service: When customers can log onto your Web site and easily find the information they want-when they want it-their satisfaction increases.
  4. Competition: A professional looking Web site can level the playing field for smaller companies trying to compete against larger enterprises. It's also a way to stay in the game; even if people can't find you on the Web chances are they can find your competitors.
  5. Credibility: When you can point customers, partners, even potential employees or investors to a Web site, it tells them you are a serious business.

Getting on the web quickly

At one time having a Web site would have been out of reach for many small businesses,
with the cost of hiring programmers, designers and writers and paying for hosting services
and the time commitment involved in keeping the site updated. But the time and expense
once associated with having a Web site has been replaced with template-driven software
services that make it a quick and relatively painless process to build a Web site.

This is the reason why having a website is the surest way to reach customers who may not be within physical reach.  But having a website is just one part of the larger pictures.  You also need to have advertisements for the local customer.  

Below are examples of logos and re-branding projects:






Examples of our print Media Projects: